I think I will

3:14 PM

go into hibernation for the remaineder of the day. Not being able to speak, see or hear what's happening in the world is appealing to my inner ostrich right now. 

Oh, that's D's t-shirt for the day. He loves shirts with graphics and pithy sayings. This is one of his favorites.
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Humpday Hoolligans--over the hump...

12:52 PM

I'm a little late in posting this. Oh well, right? Good. Anyway, this is the first installment of  "Humpday Hooligans" where the camera is focused on the boys together. I have to admit that I'm not sure how many ways I can photograph them together, but I'm going to give it a try. Different body parts each week could work--like these knees. For those of you who must know, D's knees are on the left, JP's on the right. ;^) I think this picture is pretty cool. You can see their basic height difference just by looking at their knees. Even though JP is nearly 3 yaers older, he's barely 2" taller than Devin. And the way D's been eating the last few weeks, I suspect that gap will be smaller very soon. Eventually, based on what we know of their growth curves since birth, Devin will be taller than JP.  JP struggles with the idea a lot too, (It's hard for me to fathom being shorter than my younger sister; she's about 1" shorter.) so we just remind him that while Andrew is the oldest child, he's also the shortest. His youngest brother is 6'2", and while we don't know how tall his middle brother might have been at full height, he was already over 6' when he died at 17. JP seems to be ok with it for now, but you can see little sparks of envy when Devin gets pants a size bigger than his 'age pants' and JP gets a size that two smaller than his 'age pants.' I suppose I'll just keep reminding him that height is the least important thing and hope he's ok with it in the long run.
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Caution: Extreme

11:09 PM
Must. Stop. Drinking. This. Delicious. Liquid. Heaven. 
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It's time

10:19 PM

for a trim. Devin's been trying to grow his hair longer. Last summer he saw a picture of a little boy with 'long' hair and he fell in love with the idea. We had a good thing going with the hair for a while; then he went in for a trim. And the girl practically shaved the back of his head bald before I could even open my mouth. And then she butchered the top too. So we had to start over from scratch. The bad cut...well, it's made the longer locks look a bit off. It doesn't help that D has no part at all. His hair is heavy and thick, and it grows straight forward and straight down. We've tried blow-drying, we've tried product, we've tried product AND blow-drying. So far, the only thing that holds D's hair in any way other than what you see here is foam hand soap. He got some in his hair once a few years back, and his hair had the neatest style all day. ;) So all of this adds up to a trim. We're going to try a new place, maybe they'll actually listen to what we want before they do a hack job on his hair.
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He Bleeds Green & White

10:09 PM
Well, sort of. Andrew's just a big fan of Michigan State. These crocs are just the tip of the iceberg of the MSU branded things he owns. Jackets, hats, sweats, t-shirts, even a fleece throw can be found around our home. He's fiercely loyal to the school and their teams. That loyalty is just one of the traits that I love about my husband. It's one of the things that attracted me to him from the start. When this man is your friend, he's there for you in every situation. I love that. I love him. ♥
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Round up...

11:40 PM

I have a confession to make: I am a slacker and procrastinator. If it can wait, it does. If I can find something else to do first, I will. If I need to make a decision about something, I take forever (unless it's a life and limb sort of thing of course.). 

I've been contemplating how to attack P365 in a way that is less overwhelming for me, and I've finally figured it out. Five themed days and two free days. Woot! Here's the plan:

  • Sunday's Child: pictures of Andrew
  • Monday Child-pictures of Devin
  • Tuesday- free day
  • Wednesday-Humpday Hooligans (aka pictures of the boys together)
  • Thursday- free day
  • Friday's Child- Pictures of JP
  • Saturday's Child- Pictures of me (Egads!)
So I plan to do pictures for this week too--in a review on Saturday night and then I'll get back into the swing of things on Sunday. Feel free to beat me with a virtual wet noodle if I don't

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Catch Up!

12:49 AM

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